Grateful for my Family

Good Evening! Hope you all have had a wonderful day.  I titled this "Grateful for my Family" because I am. I know simple right, but it goes so much deeper than that.  I recently went through an injury that had me laid up these last three months; it was a difficult journey. I not long into it started sensing things with my husband. I didn't know what to think. I would mention it to one of the beautiful ladies that came out to help me. They really touched my life, my husband's life, and our son's life in so many ways, on so many levels. I said I didn't know what to think about what I was sensing, feeling from my husband. I must say that God moved in such a way with him to touch me to my core. I say that because he made himself so vulnerable. I mean I could have hurt him so big, I mean big if I was that kind of woman. Thankful that God made me not that kind of woman, but a woman of great patience. I listened to his words that he shared with me, he said he had to disconnect himself from me, separate himself from what is going on around him, separate himself from watching me struggle to walk. He said that it crushed him, it hurt him deeply to see me that way. I was humbled by his words because they spoke to me so deeply. I cried my heart out to him even through my pain. I told him I loved him so much already, but I love him even more. We are even closer now that I am starting to come around from my injury.

I am not going to end the post here just quite yet. I must also include our son. I am so thankful for him. God really had me wait a long time for him. God knew the desire of my heart; that I wanted a child. God knew also that in 6th grade when we were asked to write a paper about what we thought our future families would be when we grew up and were married. I wrote in there that I wanted children, but I also asked God for a special needs child that I could love and nurture the way He would have me to do. I prayed that He'd give me the heart of a Mother for a special needs child. I prayed and watched, heard others and friends having babies around me. I remember saying "that should have been me;" I had shed so many tears in this time of waiting on God's timing. His wonderful timing that we are sometimes too quick to try to speed things up, but God still makes us wait. The time for me was fifteen years. I know that may seem like a super long time, but I am glad that God had me wait that long. He was making me be the mother I am today. Our son is such a wonderful young man. He is my special needs child that I prayed for and also shares the same bone disease with me; Osteogenesis Imperfecta. This is a speck in our lives it's not a part of us. You say, yes, yes it is. Hear me out, I said a speck in our lives because that's what it is. It's not a "part" of us meaning that when we meet someone we don't walk up and introduce ourselves and add on there "I have Osteogenesis,......"  We just don't do that and I have taught him that it is a piece of him that it doesn't identify him. Yes, his friends and others know he has it because they've been there with us through the infusions that we have to receive. I have received so many compliments from teachers, friends, family, and others about him. In fact, one teacher bragged on him because of his stepping up to ask if he could do his class project on his bone disease. She thought this was very big of him because he could have been ridiculed by classmates, put down, bullied, and others could be nice and accepting. I have to say that all his classmates have accepted him and they treat him like their other friends and will brag on him to me as well. She said he was very informed about the disease. He wasn't afraid to share about it; he explained about the anger that we deal with because of the continuous breaks with the bones. He even included in his project about my diagnosis after his. Mine being diagnosed as an adult; the teacher said you could hear a pin drop with the class. They waited eagerly for his next word. Then he told them how many fractures I've had. The sound they made, made the teacher laugh. He then told them how when he broke his elbow that after he fell and said "OW! My ARM!........Is my camera ok?" We got a good laugh when it happened. I told him we needed to get his arm fixed and we will find the camera. Our son is such a blessing. He and I have much time together and we enjoy one another. Yes, there are times when he may not be on his best behavior as is expected with children. I have a phrase that now I cannot finish without him interrupting. I have told him when he does he must tell me what it is. We then discuss his behavior and he then writes scripture out based on the behavior. I then have him write a prayer to God also about his behavior.  The phrase that I use with him during these times is the following, "When you choose the behavior, you choose the consequences!" I haven't had to use it a lot, but it really hit deep with him the first time I used it that it didn't need to be used much.  I now can get "When.....(that's it) and it's "Mama, no, please, please don't finish it. I would reply, "Ok, I need you to tell me what my phrase is and what it means." Well, I have gone on for a bit. Go spend some time with your families. Thanks for stopping, feel free to leave a comment. 

Have a great day Moms!!