A Day wih my Husband

Greetings Everyone! I don't usually get a lot of time with my husband alone. Today, we were fortunate to get some alone time even if not long. We went to an eye appointment for me. The visit went well, however, I am to return in two weeks due to the pressure in my eyes not being where the optometrist would like.  After the visit, we had to pick up some packaging material for my husband for items he needs to ship.  We picked that up without any problems then from there we were able to do any last minute things before returning home to our son.

My husband decided to surprise me by stopping at our local ice cream stop. We each had our choice of ice cream. He requested his favorite, mint chocolate chip. The girl at the counter said we don't have our hard ice cream flavors yet, but I can make you a mint chocolate chip. She told him how she'd take vanilla ice cream, adding mint flavoring then chocolate chips to it and mix it up. He said sure! She did it and he tried it and he enjoyed it.  I was looking at what options I had available to me. I decided to get a Dole Whip Strawberry cone. I liked it. I was trying to figure out the calculation for the points for Weight Watchers, but I couldn't find it in the app. I asked if they had a barcode I could scan or if they had the nutritional value for it. I got even better she handed me her notebook containing all the nutritional value of their selections of ice cream they have available. I really appreciated her going above to assist. 

I really enjoyed the time with my husband after we got our ice cream and dole whip. We went under a tree that also had a bench, but with my wearing white pants I didn't think was a good idea to sit on it. I was a bit uncomfortable with my back as I am still healing from a previous injury. I didn't mind standing while talking with hubby.  He was also standing and giving a few kisses here and there. We did get a few beeps of the horn from cars passing by. My husband said we need date nights and date days. We agreed and really enjoyed today's "date."  My husband said I want to get to know you all over again like we did when we first met. I loved that, that he cared to share that with me. He asked when we could go walking again. I want to go walking for exercise, but also to help with conditioning my back and making it feel stronger and better than it does now. 

Have a great day Moms!!