Rocking Good Fun with a Great Godly Mom, Friend, Co-Conspirator, Sister and the list continues

Hi, Everyone! Hope you're having a great day. I had an early start to my day. The alarm went off promptly at 5:30 am. I got up got myself ready as usual. I then made a light breakfast. I then got into my area that I love in my living room and spent some time with the Lord there. I got into the Word, then started thinking of songs to have ready for "Rockin' it Out Time" with my great friend Bev. She's a Godly Mom, Sister in the Lord, Co-Conspirator, now that last one that's a good one. She is because we are usually teaming up on our men. We love them, but when they need to straighten up we are on it. We have fun at it and they don't see it coming. We also will plan meals and other fun things right in front of them at times and they miss it. I love Bev because she will talk to me about things, she will get with me on the scriptures. While at times I may shed a tear, she may push me, I most likely won't like it, but I know it's for the best. I love when she brings things to me that I need to hear, need to read, or even just a hug she brings to me and that's all I need. 

You ask about this Rockin' it Out Time. Well, here's the low down on that. This is how we got it started. I had gone to physical therapy for my back. The doctor prescribed aquatic therapy due to my bone disease, Osteogenesis. He didn't feel that regular therapy would be the best option as weight bearing could cause more injury because of the fragility of my bones.  They're compromised because of the bone disease. I was injured during aquatic therapy which landed me three days to the hospital of which by the time I was released I could not walk. I then spent the next three months learning to walk and care for myself again. Bev was one of the loving ladies that came over to help me through this injury. She would talk to me about the sermon our Pastor was bringing to us each Sunday. She would talk to me about a devotion she read, but one of the important times was when she brought me a book Red Sea Rules. This was a very good book and it helped me so much during the healing through my injury. If you'd like to get a copy of Red Sea Rules just click the link.  There were so many lessons learned during this time and with reading this book. We also would spend time watching DVD's of The Gaither's and many others that she'd bring over. We would crank the volume on the television to sing out the hymns and other music choices we would play. Now that I am doing better Bev isn't here every week like she was early on in the recovery of my injury. Now we look at our calendars and plan a day that we can rock out to music and learn some stories behind the most cherished hymns that we grew up on and grew to love. Today was one of our "Rockin' Out Days"; I love the time with her. I know these are memories that I will carry with me forever. 

I must get going now is time to make preparations for supper. 

Have a great day Moms!!