Friendships such Blessings!!

Good Morning!! Hope you're having a good start to your morning. We had our morning dance, I love these times even though one day to the next the pain level may be different. It's the short times of chatting with one another that I love. Sometimes it can be quite interesting as my husband isn't quite awake when we are doing our morning dance. He will say something that makes me laugh. He's my best friend. We are high school sweethearts. I love the little moments that we get to spend together. The times we get to talk over a cup of coffee even though I am not to have it. I will make an exception for him and special friends.

Speaking of special friends. I got to spend time with one of them yesterday. We went out just to go look for some twist up colored pencils so I could do highlighting in my Bible. The current highlighter I had would soak through to the other side of the page so when I'd turn the page in my Bible it didn't always make sense of what was highlighted. I didn't want to continue through my Bible like that. We found the twist up colored pencils at our local Walmart. These are the colored pencils. I am really liking them. I like that you can twist the point back inside to protect it from being broken off. You can click the picture it is linked to Walmart if you should decide to purchase them.

I want to continue with the time with my special friend. She's great, I enjoy our friendship. I have to say we've had some ups and downs. Not in ending the friendship, just in getting to know one another. We'd "bump heads" if you will with where we may or may not agree on things. One may say that that's not the way it is while the other would say, but you don't see where I am coming from or how I am taking this. I can say yes it may have caused struggles, but in the end, it has made the friendship stronger. My friend knows things that touch my heart and she's sensitive to not make me speak of those things. I have to say I scared my friend yesterday - she's a tough one to scare as I learned, but I got her!!It was fun, but by total surprise. I didn't think I was going to scare her, but I did, hehe! 

The friendships that we develop, have for short times, long times we really need to cherish them because we never know when we may lose that friend to an illness, cancer, or some other reason. God placed these friends in our lives for a reason. Each friend of ours is a gem, cherish them, enjoy the time you have with them each time you're together. Send your friends a message to let them know that you're thinking of them. Call your friends sometimes they cannot write in a message what is in their heart because they can't put it to words, but they can talk it out. Sometimes what's in their hearts is something very painful be patient with them. Take the time to be genuine in listening to them hear their heart. Be the comforter that they need, if they're there with you be the one to hold their hand, hug them, rub their shoulder to let them know you are there for them. You are coming alongside them to help them through the difficult time that they're going through.

Take some time to spend with your friends, your special friends, your best friends, your childhood friends...enjoy your day's everyone!!! 

Have a great day Moms!!