Blessing A Mom's Heart

Morning Blessings to all of you wonderful Moms!!! This morning was a little challenging with rising from bed. My legs didn't want to work with me, but I took the time to thank God for waking me to have another day to spend with family and especially with Him. 

Once I was downstairs I got myself ready for the day. I then went to the living room to have my quality time with the Lord. I started by reading my morning devotional A Spectacle of Glory God's Light Shining through Me Every Day, by Joni Eareckson Tada. Today she wrote based on Ephesians 5:20. Paul tells us that we must be "always giving thanks to God the Father for everything, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ." For everything??? I have wrestled with these words, why, because there are things that I guess I keep to myself - this is futile because God already knows! The Bible tells us we're to give thanks, not only for the good stuff that happens in our lives but also for those hurtful, crushing, heartbreaking, out-of-control moments as well. He asks us to see life from His point of view. I look at this disease that my son and I have, the Osteogenesis days are challenging, but God gets us through. I think that He sees right now, right now how one day we will be healed and how the tears, the bruises, the setbacks and sorrows of this life have worked for the glory of His name. I spent time in prayer and I thanked the Lord for everything even for the Osteogenesis and the pain that have been my companions. Not that I like them, but God has a calling, a purpose for my life, for my son's life -- for that matter for your lives as well. We can endure whatever He allows touching our lives. He has our lives cupped in His hands and He loves us and He works every moment for the best and for His glory. 

Hoping to see a friend today. Not sure what they have planned for their day, God does. I will be spending some time in the Word and trying to do some therapy things. I pray that you have wonderful days, filled with the mighty blessings that God has for you!  Don't miss out on all the little and big things that God has to show you. I remember walking with our son when he was a lot younger. He said, "Mama, Mama, look at these tiny purple flowers!" I totally missed them why because I was in the "adult tunnel vision" - this is how we get as we grow up. We become focused on the things of life, things we have to do, what's next on our agenda. That day when we were walking my mind was on when we get back he will go down for a nap, I can get dinner started while he sleeps I can fold the laundry that's washed...and the list continues. When he said that simple phrase "...look at these tiny purple flowers!" Stopped me in my tracks!!! I looked down at him and said show me, baby. He showed me and they were what we consider weeds, but God created them for our enjoyment. I looked closer, then he picked one for me - they were so intricate.  The colors blended just perfectly. Now I pushed that "tunnel vision" to the wayside never to reintroduce. I look for all the tiny things that God created. When I see something new, or something I have seen even daily I still thank God for that blessing. I go for a walk (for therapy) I look for things asking God to show me what He wants me to learn or gain through the walk. I spend time talking to Him. No, I don't get funny looks from people that are around me if any because we don't have to speak out loud to God when we're outside, out in public unless we choose to. 

Thank You for stopping by and taking the time to read my post. Have a wonderful day!!
May God richly bless your lives,