I love my son!!

I know I am posting a lot on here lately, but when things come to mind that is important to me I just want to put them here so I can save them. I have a journal too as well, but I wanted to share them with you too. 

I had a few moments to talk with my son. I love the after school talks. The quiet talks when his Father has gone upstairs to his office for a bit. My husband says that, but our son and I both know what that means. You ask what does it mean? It means, "upstairs for the night see ya tomorrow"; that's what it means. Now back to the talks. Our son and I had a few moments to talk; we talked about school, friends, God, the Bible. I then mentioned something that he'd always ask me. He'd ask "Mama, what do you do to fall asleep? I can't fall asleep." I would answer I simply first pray to the Lord and spend some time with Him before bed. I then when I am finished will continue to talk with the Lord about things until I fall asleep asking Him to help relax me that I may get rest and be ready for what He has planned for me.  He would when he was younger say, but I don't know how. I would ask him to then pray with me. He would and he'd do great. I would then say ok, now just keep talking to Him and ask him to relax you and help you to sleep. I would usually hear a quiet ok, Mama. I would then walk out of his room and go to our room.  In our talk, I asked him so what's going on? Anything bothering you? No, Mama nothing bothering me, but I am working on this coding project for school. I was in our recliner in the living room because of an injury and he was on our sofa. It was getting late; he looked over and noticed I wasn't falling asleep. What's wrong Mama, are you ok? I answered reluctantly knowing how he responds. I said no, not really. I am hurting and I can't fall asleep. He said, "Mama, here, do what you taught me. After praying to God, just talk to Him. Ask Him to relax you, Mama, ask Him to take the pain away and let you fall asleep. That's what I do when I can't fall asleep; I pray then talk to God." Not often do we like when our kids put our words back in our faces, but with him, this rarely happens. I was so blessed and touched when he said these words back to me. He brought tears of joy to my heart. I love him so much!! You could say it was a God moment. God showed me how much my words touched our son's life.

Right now between my posting this and thinking what to write next he's sitting on the couch playing a game. Mama, Mama look at the screen. I look up and look at the screen. I then hear, "Mama, are you looking?? Do you see the screen I tell him what I am looking at (Mario with a bouncing key behind him)? He then is surprised, "how are you typing and looking at the tv at the same time. I tell him because I know where the keys are and I learn the feel; when I make a mistake I know. Hehe, the things we Moms can get away with. 

Have a great day Moms!!