Feeling Blessed......

Hi, Everyone!!! Hope you're having a wonderful Sunday! I have been having a great Sunday with my family and church family. It felt great getting out with the family. That was one thing that I had decided when I was down with the injury. I decided when we get out other than doctor appointments; family outing will be to church. We did just that. The surprise welcome that we received was overwhelming and we were so blessed. The love we felt from our church family was amazing!! 

We felt the love. I was so happy to see the ones that came to me, but so blessed to see the ones that came around my husband. I know he was so moved by the love that everyone showed us in those few minutes. My husband said we are "home"; we found our home church. I was so pleased to hear those words from him. I know when the ladies were coming to our home to help me while I was recovering I told them I need to go "home." I was referring to "home" = church. I missed my church family and being fed in the Word. I know I can read the Bible on my own which I do. I also listen to my brother who is a Wonderful Pastor in Maine and to my Pastor at our church. It's just not the same as being there. I have seen changes in my family just in the years we've attended there. The friendships we each have made.  I know we are so blessed with our church.

Have a great day Moms!!