With a growth mindset, each of these situations provides a chance to learn and grow—NOT to dial back or give up:

*Challenges are answered with effort and determination. A misstep simply means you regroup and move on.

*Setbacks don't discourage; they teach, through self-reflection and analyzing what went wrong before trying again.

*Criticism or stigma reflect someone else’s point of view; they don't define or stop you.

When you think of how challenges really make us plan, dig our heels in. Any challenge isn’t easy to take on. We need to have determination, but also be able to accept and move on when we maybe get sidelined. I think of the challenges that we have as Moms we are always trying to juggle schedules, appointments and so much more. 

When we hit a setback as a Mom do we let it discourage us and upset our day or do we take it head on?? We take it head on because we are Moms. We learn from mistakes, teaching moments from other Moms who have been on the battlefields we are on currently. I have had the privilege of a wonderful Mom to help me through these moments. I also have a Godly Mom in our church to help keep me going forward on the battlefield. The two of them will push me to try and try again. They will direct me in a Godly way to help my family. 

When someone criticizes what we do we need to step back take a breather. We need to lift those words spoken to the Lord. Pray asking Him to control our words that we want to fire right back in the heat of the moment. We need to pause, wait a moment then think about our words. We want to be careful as once the words are spoken they can hurt. We may have been hurt by the words already spoken to us so we need to make sure our words are not spoken out of anger. 

Have a great day Moms!!