A Heavy Mom's Heart -- Filled with Love for her child

Good Afternoon, Moms! I hope you're enjoying your weekend. This weekend is beautiful, but challenging for this Mom. I have a heavy heart this morning. I don't mean as in the loss of a loved one. I mean that I will be taking our son for surgery on Monday that will be longer than four hours. Last year we were at our camp, our son was trying his best to get a photo of a large snapping turtle. He ran down from our site and he got his shot. He was excited that he captured the turtle the way he wanted to in this photo. He was rushing to get to me back at the campsite. As he was climbing the rocks he slipped and fell straight onto his elbow breaking it in three places and separating it from the growth plate in places as well. We had to go to a hospital facility that we were unfamiliar with they did the diagnosis to let us know of the fractures and separations. They wanted to send us further on to another facility that we were not familiar with. We were told by one that was caring for our son that he didn't recommend that we go up there. He told us to tell them "ok", but then to get home as quickly as we can to the hospital that we are familiar and comfortable with the care of our son.  We did just that which was almost a two-hour ride from where we were. We did that and they told us that he'd be facing an over four-hour surgery to place hardware and tension wire in his elbow. Now the time has passed, we are now a year out from injury. We are now returning to the hospital with our son to have surgery to remove the hardware and tension wire from the elbow. This surgery also will be over four hours. I am having a heavy heart because the part of the surgery that makes me cry is when they put him under. This I feel is one of the most difficult things that we have to do with our children as parents. Not every parent will experience their child going in for surgery. Those of us that have I have heard from every one of them that, them taking their child back to put them under for surgery has been the most difficult for them. It's the fear of the unknown. Every surgery is a risk, but when we have God in our lives and trust HIM, giving our children over to HIM - He's in control. They're in His care. I also think of one of my favorite verses found in II Timothy 1:7.  God does not give us a spirit of fear, but of power, of love and a sound mind. I know several of my Mom friends and other Parents have told me the feelings I am having are all natural. I have a dear, a dear friend of mine coming with me and my husband to the Children's Hospital to pray and support us while our son is in surgery. 

Have a great day Moms!!